Outrageously Fun Light Up Target Available For Hire Now!

✓ Corporate Functions

✓ School & Fetes

✓ Fundraising

✓ Team Building
✓ Birthday Activity



About Motion Sports

Motion Sports is the latest sporting activation to hit Australian shores. Quite simply it is a giant inflatable with 8 targets. Each target is equipped with hit sensors that trigger when hit with any type of sports ball and are also randomised with flashing lights in either red or green. Each of the targets is connected to a wireless scoreboard and with a variety of different game modes the aim of the game is to kick, throw or hit your sports ball onto your coloured target when it is lit up. 

Each time you successfully hit your light up target your score is displayed on our wireless score board. Can be played as multi player or single player game and is great for all ages and group sizes!

Game modes

Perfect for all sports can be adapted to Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, AFL, Archery and Basketball. When hiring you can choose any sport mode/s which makes it perfect for all events! Check out our small promo video using Rugby League balls below



Our Locations

Currently Motion Sports is only available in NSW. If you would like to become a representative for Motion Sports in your area hit the link below and we will send you out an info pack with full details on how you can take charge of a new business in your area!




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